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Schoolwide Grading Procedures

Schroeder’s building-wide grading practice is as follows:

  • Summative / (In)Formative Assessments: Teachers are expected to have a minimum of 70% of their final grades determined by summative assessments (tests, projects, labs, presentations, demonstrations, etc.); 30% may fall under teacher discretion and can include formative/ practice assessments and the like. This should be reflected on PowerSchool by using the weighting system in PowerTeacher (setting examples: formative = 30 percent of overall points, summative = 70 percent of overall points). PLEASE use the terms FORMATIVE and SUMMATIVE in your grade reports.
  • A minimum of two summative grades shall be recorded each grading
  • Due Dates and Deadlines: For summative assessments, teachers will set both a due date and deadline for when work handed in can receive its fully earned credit.
    • Due Date: Date when the assignment is due or the test/lab/performance.
    • Deadline: Extend time given to redo assessment or turn in original to receive full credit Example: one week, by end of the next unit, specific date.
  • Summative assessments given during the last week of the quarter should be reflected on the next quarter’s
  • End of Quarter Credit: A minimum grade of 67% (least restrictive F) will be given if a student completes all components of an assignment and demonstrates an understanding of the concept to earn this credit past the deadline and before the end of the quarter.
    • At the teacher’s discretion, summative assessment retakes may be offered if a student submits evidence of further learning or corrective action prior to resubmission through each team's retake form.
  • Zero percent still will be given to students who do not hand anything in once the end of the quarter date
  • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS retakes will only be allowed based on the teacher’s discretion.
  • Missing work will be reflected in PowerSchool as a "zero” so it impacts a grade visibly and there are no surprises at the grading period's end. Work missing due to student ABSENCE should be recorded as “ABS” so the zero does not affect their grade or eligibility during their make up As stated above, this zero is not permanent and will be changed when the student completes his / her assessment.
  • Grade book Points should NOT be given for things that do not demonstrate evidence of LEARNING (example: permission slips, boxes of Kleenex, handing in early, etc.).
  • PowerSchool recording: Grades should be recorded in PowerSchool within one week of student For longer projects, teachers should have formative grades/checks along the way.